Manufacturing Services

Manufacturing Services

Contract Manufacturing

Trust Technologies is a trusted and well-respected long-term contract manufacturing services provider. For decades, we have consistently met the stringent requirements of customers in industries where perfection of machined components is crucial. Our long-term customer relationships speak volumes as to the value we consistently provide through manufacturing.

By pairing advanced technology with efficient techniques and precision machining expertise, we deliver reliable quality at highly competitive prices.

Quality Manufacturing

Difficult-to-machine materials are our hallmark. These exotics, including Hastelloy, Inconel, Stellite, Cobalt chrome and titanium, are manufactured using state-of-the-art processes, such as The Mazak Integrex five-axis machining centers. We have ISO 9001/AS 9100 accreditation, meeting the stringent requirements for quality assurance in the design, development and production of new products.

Difficult-to-machine materials bring unique challenges, which we meet head-on with skills earned through years of engineering experience. Our zero tolerance for errors applies throughout the assembly and finishing process.

Lean Manufacturing

In this day and age, lean manufacturing is more than the latest buzz word, it has become an indicator of a company’s focus on improving overall customer value. Lean manufacturing is the process of analyzing the flow of information and materials in a manufacturing environment and improving the process to achieve the best value for the customer. Lean focuses on the reduction of waste wherever it may be found. We often do production on demand and employ a “pull” system to maintain the most efficient operation.

Trust Technologies follows your product through the manufacturing process, reevaluating it for cost reduction every step of the way. Our machining centers provide the ability to combine processes, thus reducing production time, waste and error.

Six Sigma

The Six Sigma approach is an important element of any manufacturing organization striving for perfection. We are proud to employ several Six Sigma Green and Black Belts and incorporate Six Sigma methodologies into our lean manufacturing initiatives.