Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace Engineering

Our customers look to us for the Six Sigma-level quality and workmanship demanded by today’s Aerospace industry. Years of experience and engineering know-how allow us to effectively perform the complex, precision machining of stainless steels and high-temperature alloys used throughout the industry.

These precisely-engineered components are used in the engines powering many of the aircraft flying today. Some of the engine platforms for which we create components include:

  • B1 Bomber
  • CF34
  • CF34-10A
  • CFM 56
  • F100
  • F110
  • F119
  • F135
  • F404
  • GE 38
  • GP7200
  • JT8
  • JT90
  • LM100
  • Passport 20
  • Pure Power
  • PW210
  • T58
  • T700
  • TF34
  • Trent 500
  • Trent 700

From temperature and weight considerations to precision execution, we know Aerospace engine components. And by pairing our high performing products with world-class engineering support, we consistently exceed the exacting demands of our Aerospace industry customers.