About Trust Technologies

About Trust Technologies

The Artistry of Precision Machining

Since 1967, Trust Technologies has combined precision engineering with the exceptional levels of service, expertise and creativity essential to transforming difficult-to-machine materials into precisely engineered components.

With over 40 years of experience as a contract manufacturer of industrial hardware, our forte is the machining of materials that are anything but ordinary. We work with exotic metals such as hastalloy, Inconel, Stellite and cobalt chrome.

The components we create are used within industries that demand precision, such as aerospace and industrial gas turbine applications.

We employ the latest five axis machining centers, high speed mills and multi-axis, multi-spindle turning machines. Our state-of-the art manufacturing equipment consistently achieves the highest level of precision, which to us, is an art.

But more than creating precision parts and assemblies, Trust Technologies offers expanded capabilities such as welding, brazing, EDM, NDT and flow testing that give to our customers the convenience and efficiency of a single trusted source. We like to think of ourselves as a one stop provider of complex manufacturing solutions.

Our team of skilled artisans — engineers and project managers — are about more than form following function. They are continually improving the process of precision machining, analyzing the flow of the manufacturing environment and enhancing the experience for our customers. Creating what some consider to be challenging hardware for demanding applications is, to us, a thing of beauty.